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Gunnison Country Scenic Drives

Blue Mesa Recreational Ranch is surrounded by our Colorado majestic mountain scenery, and you can see much of it with these easy day drives. There are several local loops that show you the best of what is in our area. You can also venture a little further and explore several of the official Colorado Scenic Drives that cross Gunnison Country. 


Gunnison Loop

This drive takes you through some of our most striking landscapes. It starts in Gunnison and goes up valley to Crested Butte. Taking the Kebler Pass road a short way to the Ohio Pass turnoff and coming back to Gunnison through Ohio Creek. If you have never seen this country then this is a must see!


Taylor Reservoir Drive

This beautiful drive goes up the Gunnison Valley to Almont where it turns up Taylor Canyon on to Taylor Reservoir. This is a popular day fishing trip to the reservoir but can be looped back to Gunnison over the high alpine Cumberland Pass.


Crested Butte Area 

Crested Butte is just 25 miles north of Gunnison and sits among high mountain peaks and spectacular scenery. A number of high mountain valleys can be accessed from Crested Butte.


West Elks Scenic Loop

The West Elks Scenic Drive is one of Colorado's official scenic drives taking one from Gunnison over the north Black Canyon highway to the North Fork Valley. It loops back to Crested Butte over Kebler Pass and back to Gunnison. This is a great day trip!


Grand Mesa Scenic Drive

Grand Mesa is on the western edge of Gunnison Country and forms a loop from Delta to Cedaredge, over Grand Mesa to Grand Junction and back to Gunnison. Grand Mesa is one of world's largest flat-top mountains featuring over 300 lakes on top.


San Juans Silver Loop Drive

The San Juans lie adjacent to Gunnison Country on the southern edge. This southwest area of Colorado offers truly breath-taking mountain landscapes often compared to the beauty of Switzerland.  Rich in beauty and history.

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