Black Canyon National Park

Blue Mesa Ranch is very close to one of the nation's most spectacular national parks - Black Canyon National Park. The park can be seen from both the south rim and the north rim. The main park entrance is on the south rim which has a visitors center and paved scenic drives. The south rim is reached along Hwy 50 very near Montrose. The north rim is more primitive and entails a 10 mile or so drive on well maintained dirt roads. This is accessed off of Hwy 92 near Crawford. From Blue Mesa Ranch it is about the same either way - the south rim or the north rim. The south rim does offer by far the most improved facilities.

The south rim provides a paved scenic drive with lots of turn-outs. There are hiking trails that offer a more closeup view of this spectacular park. Trails range from easy to strenuous. There are trails that access the bottom of the canyon but these are very strenuous and they are not for the novice hiker. For more information on the park visit the Black Canyon National Park website.